We provide state-of-the-art solutions in cybersecurity, digital forensics, and e-discovery.


Twenty-First century fraud investigations require expert computer forensics skills to deal with the complexities and legal issues of extracting and analyzing electronic evidence. Our expertise ranges from computer and smartphone hardware to operating systems that run computers, network servers, and Internet devices such as routers, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems. Related services include:

The acquisition, analysis, documentation, and reporting of digital evidence.

Providing opinions, facts, and aiding the court in understanding the collection of digital evidence.

Identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing the vulnerabilities of a computer system.

The collection, processing, review and production of electronically stored information.

In court-appointed cases, digital assets, online business functions, and IT duties are managed.

Online image enhancement through the use of search engine optimization and digital marketing.


We are a Miami, Florida based firm that services law firms, fortune 500 companies, private investigators and law enforcement throughout the Americas.

Our certified, bilingual specialists have hundreds of case experiences, and have testified in multiple jurisdictions. Armed with an arsenal of cutting edge technologies such as Encase and FTK, we have the resources and recognition to meet the most demanding of matters.

We will design and implement a case winning strategy consisting of forensic collection; analysis of collected evidence; preparation of affidavits, declarations and demonstratives, and providing expert witness testimony.


Having served a vast array of vertical markets, municipalities, State and local law enforcement and Federal agencies, e-forensics is likely well versed in your industry’s cyber security challenges. From intellectual property theft cases in the hospitality sector to complex application source-code misappropriations, our consultants have repeatedly delivered solutions, which result in amended information security policies and procedures.


On the litigation support front, matters requiring e-discovery generally follow Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) steps. From data collection, to the attorney review stage, to production, forensically sound best practices are key to a defensible discovery process.

Law firms are also prime targets of cyber criminals seeking confidential information regarding law firm clients. One attack vector includes the theft of confidential information to act as the real firm to unwary clients, who end up sharing sensitive, attorney-client privileged information with the hackers. Applicable industry services include: E-Discovery, Digital Forensics, Risk Assessments / Management and Receivership ESI Management.


Healthcare providers are custodians of sensitive patient health records which must be secure in whatever medium. At e-Forensics, we offer a combination of custom tailored assessments and penetration tests, including HIPAA GAP assessments all designed to safeguard patient data and reduce provider exposure to theft and loss. Applicable industry services include risk assessments / management and digital forensics.

The growing cyber threat landscape exposes all industries to a multitude of risks across nearly every balance sheet asset, including intellectual property. From the hospitality to heavy equipment to legal industries, effective risk management means meeting industry specific compliance requirements; recurring assessments and testing, and perhaps most importantly: developing an information security-oriented corporate culture.

Public Sector

All bodies of government are tasked with protecting vast amounts of sensitive information including classified documents from bad actors. e-Forensics is experienced in providing vulnerability assessments combined with penetration testing to the public sector to help mitigate the information security risks.

With respect to regulator (FTC, SEC, etc.) led investigations in cooperation with court-appointed Receivers, e-Forensics has performed the entire ESI management function on behalf of the Receiver and worked in conjunction with the US government in the forensic collection, processing and analysis/review of the ESI. Applicable industry services include receivership ESI Management, Digital Forensics, and Risk Assessments / Management

Accounting Firms

Accounting firms are taking advantage of one of the fastest growing service offerings in its space: forensic accounting. E-Forensics has had a long-standing relationship with several forensic accounting firms and accountants. With services such as staging accounting systems, to forensic recovery of lost financial databases that require “file carving”, to parsing through SQL server transaction logs to unmask fraudulent entries, e-forensics provides comprehensive support that will withstand admissibility challenges.


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