The core components of e-discovery include the collection, processing, review and production of electronic stored information ("ESI"). E-discovery generally deals with large amounts of readily available documents stored in computers which need to be collected and copied to a retrievable media. Once collected, the documents are processed and staged for review by legal teams. This phase includes, but is not limited to, document classification, highlighting, searching, redacting, and the production of relevant documents to be used in legal proceedings.

E-Discovery Consulting

Our experts guide clients through the complex and burdensome tasks associated with e-discovery. Through careful review of subpoenas and diligently assessing the ESI repositories and data types, we prepare defensible frameworks for producing ESI, and avoiding dreaded sanctions.

e-Discovery Platforms

e-Forensics offers a number of e-Discovery platforms to address evolving number of ESI data types. All solutions are fully-customizable, web based tools that empower users by handling massive volumes of complex electronically stored information (ESI). Our team of platform experts will customize a user-friendly and cost effective document review experience.

Custom Solutions

Be it for corporations or law firms, e-forensics creates custom solutions to make your legal department more efficient. With our traditional e-discovery or managed services offerings, you benefit from scalability as your organization grows; platform choices (our cloud, your private cloud or on-premise) and fixed, predictable pricing that remains in your control.

Contract Review

To control the high costs often associated with document review, we offer contract review services at competitive rates. Our document reviews are performed by attorneys who understand your data and goals, and are experts in using technology such as Relativity to review your data thoroughly, and efficiently. We provide a variety of pricing options including traditional, fixed per renewable content, fixed fee per matter, and fixed fee upon ingestion.


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