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Solid-State Drives = Reduced Forensics Costs

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Newer desktops and laptops are coming standard with solid-state drives (SSD). Solid-state drives are computer storage devices that differ greatly from hard disk drives (HDD), which have moving mechanical parts. Solid-state drives contain integrated circuits, similar to the architecture of USB flash drives. Although SSDs are pricier than HDDs, the advantages are numerous: 1) speed […]

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Cyber Security Partnerships

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Companies are increasingly budgeting for employee cyber security training and awareness with an emphasis on detecting and responding to social engineering and spear phishing attacks. As businesses mitigate against new threats, there is always the question of whether or not their trading partners are adequately protected. Some concerns include: a) is there an information security […]

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Handling A Former Employee’s Computer

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Theft of IP matters against former employees, and wrongful termination lawsuits have something in common: the former employee’s computer will likely have valuable evidence. Unfortunately most of the time the computers will be re-imaged (software reloaded) and put back into production for the new hire. HR policies regarding exiting employees should consider the potential loss […]